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Nordkapp: 4 days itinerary in summer

Looking for quick tips to plan your next trip in Nordkapp (Mageroya Island)? Check out our Itinerary and some practical info that can be useful to inspire you in organize your travel in the Northernmost point in Europe!

Nordkapp - Norway iconic viewpoint
Nordkapp - Norway

Our Itinerary to Nordkapp

Day 1: flight Oslo - Alta (Norwegian) - Alta Open air Museum - Alta Arctic Cathedral -

210km - Skarsvåg

Night in Nordkapp at Base Camp North Cape

Day 2: Nordkapp and Magerøya Island (Nordkapp - Gjesvær - trekking from Skarsvåg on the promontory - Skarsvåg - Honningsvåg)

Night in Nordkapp at Base Camp North Cape

Day 3 -200km - Hammerfest - 140km - Alta (rainy day)

We should have done the Trekking to Knivsjelodden (the real most northern point !) but due to the heavy rain and fog we had to skipped it (sic!)

Night in Alta in Alta River Camping

Day 4: flight Alta - Oslo (Norwegian)

This short itinerary in Northern Norway starts from Oslo because for us was a “travel into our travel in camper” in Southern Norway and in Southern Sweden in Summer 2022.

In fact, due to the rain we had skipped some treks and we were several days ahead of our itinerary, so at the last minute, we left our beloved camper in the Parking of the airport in Oslo and took a flight to Alta to spend 4 days in the northernmost part of Norway that we missed and arrive to Nordkapp!

We would have liked to get there by camper but unfortunately, we didn't have enough days.

For all the info about our travel in camper Southern Norway and to Southern Sweden, have a look to the dedicated articles on our blog and the posts and stories dated September-December 2022 on our Instagram page @2intour !

If you have more time in Northern Norway, we suggest you to visit also Tromsø, Senja and Lofoten Islands: we have been there in different others 2 travels (in winter): for all the info, read also the dedicated articles to Tromsø, Senja and Lofoten Islands on our blog and the related posts and stories (Lofoten in April 2018 and Tromsø and Senja in November/December 2021) on our Instagram page @2intour !


Tappa per Tappa


Once landed at Alta airport, we rent a car, which will accompany us for these 4 days.

In Alta, there are 2 main things to see:

-the iconic Northern Light Cathedral which, with its shape, wants to be a tribute to the Northern Lights dancing in the sky.

- Alta Museum… Walking for 3 km on a cliff among rock carvings dating back to 6000/7000 years ago and a UNESCO heritage site ... I would say that we do not have to add anything else to convince you to visit this unique open air museum!

Practical info:

- Alta Museum: Ticket entrance 135nok. For the opening hours (since they are different in each season) and other info, see

- Opening hours to visit the Northern Lights Cathedral: 11-13

- Our base in Alta: Alta River Camping in Alta.

In a perfect position to see the Northern Light. The cottage is simple (beds, a table and a little kitchen with the fridge), heated and the atmosphere is lovely.

There is also a bigger shared kitchen and bathrooms are shared: it is all perfectly clean. Absolutely suggested


Here a list of best things/activities in Magerøya Island

  • Visit Nordkapp, the northernmost point of the European continent *! We are above the 71° parallel

“It's just an iron globe on a cliff” someone says… instead, all the magic that this place transmits has arrived to us!

Nordkapp is open h24 and outside the opening hours (they are different in every season) you can free access to the site

For the opening hours and costs visit

In winter you can access to Nordkapp only in specific hours and following the convoy. For more info and timetable see

* actually, the real most northern point is Knivsjellodden, reachable with a trekking of 18 km roundtrip.

  • Take one of the many scenic trekking overlooking the sea and the cliffs.

In particular, we highlight the below ones:

a)Trekking to Knivsjelodden: 18 km roundtrip. The access to the trekking is on the road E69 arriving to Nordkapp (there is a Parking with signals and info)

b) Trekking from Skarsvåg to Kirkeporten and on the promontory of Bygdelag

A wonderful trek with spectacular views of the North Cape cliffs and the cliffs surrounding the fishing village of Skarvag.

- The route is easy and mostly at the top of the cliff.

- The start is behind Base Camp North Cape in Skarsvåg.

- Consider 2-3 hours roundtrip because you will stop constantly to admire the view. If you have time and energy, once you get to Bygdelag you can also continue down to the lighthouse in front of you.

c) From Skarsvåg to Gjesvær, just driving on the E69, you will see several signals regarding the starting points of several trekkings

  • just driving on the scenic E69 through Magerøya Island … immersed in the awesome landscapes with cliffs falling down in the sea, fields of artic cottons, little lakes, picturesque fishing villages and often surrounded by the reindeers

In particular, for amazing views, do not miss the Tufjordoyda viewpoint (perfect also to see the Northern Light) near Skarsvåg (a signal on E69 indicate it) as well as the road to get to Gjesvær that is very scenic

  • Fishing villages: Gjesvær, Skarsvåg, Honningsvåg

Practical info:

- Our base on Magerøya Island: Base Camp North Cape in Skarsvåg.

The nearest to Nordkapp and in a perfect position to see the Northern Light. The cottage is simple (beds, a table and a little kitchen with the fridge), heated and the atmosphere is lovely. There is also a bigger shared kitchen and bathrooms are shared: it is all perfectly clean.

Absolutely suggested to live a more authentic experience

- Nordkapp is situated on an island (Magerøya Island) connected to the mainland with a tunnel.

- From Gjesvær, there is also the possibility to take part to a boat trip to see the puffins (more or less from June to August).


Located at latitude 70° 39’ 48 N, Hammerfest claims to be the Northernmost city in the world, although the same title is also claimed by Honningsvåg on Magerøya Island and by Utqiagvik in Alaska

Who is right?

It depends on the definition of “city”: Hammerfest is in fact the human settlement with more than 10.000 inhabitants in the Northmost point of the world!

For the best view of the city and the coast from the above? Take the easy Gammelveien loop hike (about 1h) that takes you up to the Silent Hill from the city center


Altre info Pratiche


It goes without saying: every night, if the sky is clear and there is a sufficient KP index (at least 2), try to see the Northern Light!

To check the KP index, we suggest you the app "My Aurora Forecast" and the Artic University of Norway website

Best places to see the northern light

1) on Magerøya Island:

- Nordkapp

- Tufjordoyda viewpoint near Skarsvåg (a signal on E69 indicate it)

- Base Camp North Cape a Skarsvåg

2) in Alta:

- Near the river in Alta River camping

- From the viewpoints in North direction in the Alta Museum

- If you are lucky, in the sky over the Northern Light Cathedral

In general, any place with no/few lights, where you can look in North direction!


To discover more about all our travels in Norway read all our articles on the blog dedicated to Norway and have a look to our posts and stories dedicated to Norway on our Instagram page @2intour dated April 2018 (Lofoten in winter); November – December 2021 (Senja and Tromsø in winter); September-November 2022 (Southern Norway -Alta – Nordkapp in summer )

Did you enjoy our article? Read the other articles and for more photos and videos follow our IG page @2intour


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