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Yes, all pics are our

All the pictures you will see in our blog and on our other social media are taken by us. They are neither professional nor technically perfect and we are proud of it because they are our unconvetional eye over the world!



About 2intour

Hello Travelers! We are Jonas and Francesca.

We are an Italian travel couple in love since 2001 and our passions are traveling, nature and photography.

This blog is our space on the net and we would like to share with other passioned travelers tips, the best destinations, curiosities and some of the beautiful moments we spent around the world.

Everything comes from our direct experience. We only write about what we personally saw, enjoyed and captured with our camera. There is no economic return on this, only our passion and a lot of love for this beautiful world.

We  have a dream: to visit as many countries as possible because the world is as book and we wouldn’t like to miss any page …. we are working on it ;-) and we really hope that you will enjoy this site.

Contact Us:

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Our blog, for you

In this website we are collecting and sharing our travel itineraries and suggestions for the things that you cannot miss.. let yourself be inspired by our adventures around the world and do not hesitate to contact us for more details and info on our travels! We are happy to share our experiences with other wanderlusters!

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