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Norway: Tromsø & Senja winter road trip - 7 days itinerary

Northern Norway is a paradise for nature lovers in every seasons: but in winter is unique for the awesome icy landscapes and it is one of the best place to have the possibility to see the norther light! In winter, this is a travel in a wild land with very few hours of light and probably with adverse weather most of the time ... but that has the fantastic taste of freedom ... this is the reason why are in love with the Artic.

Check out our Itinerary and find some practical info you can use to plan your next adventure in Tromsø and Senja Island ! We really suggest to add it to your bucket list... you will love it!

If you are an artic lover too, check also our article on Lofoten another incredible place to be seen once in the life!

Aerial view from Forte San Filippo, Feniglia coast in background


Our itinerary in a nutschell

🔹DAY 0 : Flights Florence - Frankfurt - Oslo -Tromsø (Lufthansa) - night in Tromsø (Enter Viking Hotel)

🔹DAY 1 - driving 160km from Tromsø to Senja Island -stop and driving on the scenic route Rv861 in Senja - Botnhamn - Husøy - night in Mefjordvær (Mefjord Brygge Apartment)

🔹DAY2 -Senja: stop and driving on the scenic route Rv862 (Ersfjord Beach - Steinfjord -Bergsfjord/Bergsbotn - Hamn - Gryllefjord) -night in Mefjordvær (Mefjord Brygge Apartment)

🔹DAY3 -Senja: stop and driving on the scenic route Rv862 ( Øyfjorden- Mefjorden - Tungeneset viewpoint - Bergsbotn viewpoint ) -driving back 160km to Tromsø - night in Tromsø (Tromsø Lodge and Camping)

🔹Day 4/5- Kvaløya Island (Ersfjordbotn beach - stop and driving on the scenic ring roads 858 and 862 - route 7768 to Grøtfjord until Tromvik) - Sommarøy Island- night in Tromsø (Tromsø Lodge and Camping)

🔹Day 6 - Tromsø (city center, Prestvannet lake, artic cathedral - Fjellheisen Cable car) - night in Tromsø (Tromsø Lodge and Camping)

🔹DAY 7 : Flights back home: Tromsø - Oslo - Frankfurt - Florence (Lufthansa)

Total kms: approx 1250kms

When planning the itinerary, consider that in this season you will have few hours of daylight (approx 5) anyd be flexible because due to the weather conditions it is likely that you need to adapt/change your plans!

To discover more about these places, have a look also to our posts and stories dedicated to Tromsø and Senja dated November/Dec 2021 on our Instagram page @2intour



👉🏻Senja’s Highlights

1. Bergsbotn viewpoint

2. Tugeneset viewpoint

3. Ersfjord beach

4. Fisherman villages: Husøy, Hamn, Gryllefjord

5. Fjords: Bergsfjord, Steinfjord, Mefjord, Øyfjord

The best way to see Senja in winter is stopping and driving on the scenic road 862 from Botnhamn to Gryllefjord (approx 80km) ... enjoy it slowly and consider at least 2 days to see all the wonderful views on the fjords and the colorful fishermen villages!

Senja Island is reachable with a bridge by Finnsnes or by boat from Kavløya island

👉🏻Tromsø Highlights

1) Tromsø center: Fjellheisen Cable Car, Artic Cathedral, Tromsø Harbour, Prestvannet lake, Telegrafbukta beach)

2) Kavløya island (Ersfjordbotn beach, scenic ring roads 858 and 862 ; route 7768 to Grøtfjord until Tromvik)

3) Sommarøy Island

Kavløya island is reachable by bridge from Tromsø

Sommarøy Island is reachable by bridge Kavløya island

If you have more time, in/near Tromsø it could be nice to :

· visit the Tromsø Ice Domes Hotel (open from Mid December) and/or the Lyngen Alps

· join a whale watching cruise

· Try the Husky dog sledding

Northern Light

It goes without saying: every night, if the sky is clear and there is a sufficient KP index (at least 2), try to see the Northern Light! 💚

To check the KP index, we suggest you the app "My Aurora Forecast" and the Artic University of Norway website

To have more possibility to see the Northern light, you need to find a place with no/few lights and look in the North direction !

Best places to see the northern light in Tromsø:

· from the top of the Fjellheisen Cable Car

· The area in front of the parking of the cemetery

· Telegrafbukta beach

· Prestvannet lake

· Ersfjordbotn beach on Kavløya island

Alternatively (or if you do not have the car), you can join an organized tour to see the northern light, but they are quite costly (see ) so be sure that the weather conditions are good that night, before booking it!

Our hotels:

Senja: Maefjord Brygge Apartment: a lovely apartment overlooking the fjord with private kitchen, bathroom and parking, in a very good position to explore the island.

It is possible to see the northern light directly from here!


1)Tromsø Lodge and Camping: just outside the city center and with private parking. Each lodge is a very nice little house with private kitchen and bathroom overlooking a little river and a mountain. It is possible to see the northern light directly from here looking in the North direction (approx above the mountain)!

2) Enter Viking Hotel: a nice hotel in the city center, perfect to explore Tromsø by foot

Norway is very expensive for meals and parkings (in Tromsø city center a parking costs approx 20/30 euro per day and even 5euro per hour!!) so an apartment with the kitchen and private parking is a very good solution to save money !

Car rental: in winter always check to take a car with studded tires, otherwise you will not be able to move due to the ice and snow

Did you enjoy our article? Read the other articles and for more photos and videos follow our IG page @2intour



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