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The best of Normandy and Brittany …and not only: itinerary by camper across France

Looking for quick tips to plan your next trip to next trip to France? Check out our Itinerary in Normandy, Brittany (and not only!) and some practical info that can be useful to inspire you in organize your travel!


Our itinerary

DAY 1: Côte d’Alabaitre in Normandy (Fecamp/Cap Fegnet/Yport)

Night in (wonderful) camping LE RIVAGE in Yport

Day 2 :15km –Étretat (sentier du littoral sui 2 lati della scogliera)

Night in Aire de Service d’Étretat

Day 3: 50km – Honfleur–100km - D- DAY Beaches and Site part I (Arromanches – Longues sur Mer battery – Omaha Beach)

Night in Aire de Service of Concarneau near Grandcamp – Maisy

DAY 4 : D- DAY Beaches and Site part II (Pointe du Hoc - American Cemetery in Coleville sur Mer) -145km – Mont Saint Michael

Night in Camping du Mont Saint Michel

Day 5: 55km – Cancale - Saint Malo

Night in Camping Municipal de la Citè d’Alet

Day 6: 150 km - Ploumanach (Côte de Granites Rose: Sentier des Douaniers )- 75km - Roscoff - 90 km – sunset at Kermovan Lighthouse

Night in the P at the end of Route de Presqu’île Kermovan near the lighthouse

If you have more time, add 2/3 days here to also visit Fort La Latte, Cap Frehel and Plogrescant before going to Ploumanach; from Roscoff also visit the Île de Batz; finally spend a day at the Île de Oussant (base in Le Conquet)

Day 7: 10km - Phare Saint-Mathieu -100km – Pointe de Pen Hir – 80km – sunset at Pointe du Raz

Night in the Parking for camper in Pointe du Raz

Day 8: 75km – Presqu’île de Crozon (Cap de la Chevre and Pointe de Dinan) – 200km Quiberon

If you have more time, add 1 day here and visit Belle -île sur Mer (base in Quiberon)

Day 9: 50km - Vannes– 40km – Rochefort-en-Terre

Night in the parking for camper in 3, Rue Souvenir in Rochefort-en-Terre



Côte d’Alabaitre in Normandy

In particular, do not miss here:

- wandering in the picturesque fishing village of Fecamp

- visit the splendid Palais Bénédectine where the famous Benedettin liquor has made

- Cap Fegnet where the white cliffs reach their highest point with 105m

- see the sunset from the cliff of Yport

Practical info:

Our stay, the Camping Le Rivage in Yport with a breathtaking view on the white cliffs of the Côte d’Alabaitre from Yport to Cap Fegnet …top place !!!


no words are needed to describe this cliff ... just enjoy this beauty that nature has given us!

The cliff can be seen from the beach and from the scenic coastal paths that give you breathtaking views at every corner Practical info: -take an entire day to visit the cliff and take the scenic costal paths without rush. We love lighthouses, as you know, but you can avoid the second part of the Sentier du Littoral (55min + return ) until the lighthouse .. no particular views on the coast to arrive there and it is not worth the effort because it is all up and down hill -Parking/our stay: Aire de Service de Étretat just 1km on foot from the Cliff ! . Honfleur

.… the best way to visit it is just to getting lost in its picturesque alleys and in the old port which is the vibrant heart of this lovely seaside village! Practical info: -For a sweet break do not miss to taste a slice of cakes and some macarons to Eric Kayser - Artisan Boulanger -Parking: Aire de Service de Honfleur (11€ for 24h or less - with services) : 5min on foot to the city center of Honfleur

Spiagge e siti del D-Day in Normandia

D-Day Beaches and memorial sites…to never forget the soldiers died in Normandy during the Second World War Our stops: -Arromanches: memorial in Gold Beach where the Britain army landed and built a defensive artificial port still visible -Longues sur Mer: German casemates and cannons aimed at the ocean to defend the coast -Omaha Beach: beach with memorial where the Americans army landed on June 6, 1944 -Coleville sur Mer: American memorial cemetery overlooking Omaha Beach (over 9300 crosses in memory of American soldiers who died during the landing and battle) -Pointe du Hoc: another site where a battle took place and where it is still possible to see bunker guarding the rocky coast Practical info: -to visit the D-Day Beaches and memorials there are lots of parkings also for camper near every site -night in the Aire de Service de Concarneau near Grandcamp- Maisy

Mont Saint Michel

... one of the icons of Normandy, this rocky islet hosts an extraordinary Benedictine abbey and is surrounded by a magnificent bay, theater of the greatest tides in Europe. The bay in fact depending on the days and times, is submerged by the sea or totally dry creating a unique spectacle!

Practical info: -our stay: Camping du Mont Saint Michel just 2km from Mont Saint Michel (reachable on foot or taking one of the continuous free shuttle bus) This campsite is the nearer one to the site : to be booked in advance since it is located inside the Mont Saint Michel area and to access it you need a code that the camping or your hotel gives you (cost 9.80 euro). However outside the complex there are several campsites on the road to arrive to Mont Saint Michel. -for the tide time check -Mont Saint Michel Abbey: opening from 9 to 18 - ticket 11 euro per person. – Covid Green pass requested Saint Malo

we suggest you to dedicate a half day to this charming fortified coastal town. In particular do not miss: - Intra-Muros, the picturesque labyrinth of alleys of the old city surrounded by bastions - the approx 45min walking on the bastions where you can enjoy amazing views on the coast and the old village as well as to see the sunset - Ilè du Grand Bè that can be reached on foot at low tide just crossing the beach Practical info: -our stay: Camping de la citè d’Alet approx 2/3km from the center of Saint Malo easily reachable on foot in 20 min or in 10min by bike -if you have time, near Saint Malo you can visit Cancale famous for the oysters

Côte de Granites Rose : Ploumanach,

An unmissable stop among cliffs, lighthouses and amazing views on the wild coast of Brittany… the best way to visit this area is taking the wonderful Sentier des Douaniers (from Ploumanach al Phare de Mean Ruz)!

Practical info: -Parking in Rue du Cribo in Ploumanch, just 10min on foot from one of the starting point of the Sentier des Douaniers -Sentier des Douaniers: a scenic and easy costal path with amazing views on the Côte des Granites Rose. From Ploumanach to the Phare de Mean Ruz is approx 2h round trip.


Roscoff a lovely fisherman village where you can also take the boat to the Île de Batz

This is the second stop on Cotè d’Emerald, Finisterre and Côte des Legends: for the cliffs, wild coasts and on the road lovers, mark Brittany, you will love it!

Practical info:

-Toll Parking in Rue Celestin Seite just 2min walking from the center of Roscoff and harbour !

-boat to Île de Batz every 30min/9 euro per person with return

Phare de Kermorvan

…one of the best place to see the sunset in Brittany ! Practical info: Parking/ our stay for the night in the Parking at the end of the Rue de Presqu’île de Kermorvan : 10/15min on foot from the phare Pointe de Pen Hir e Presqu'île de Crozon (Cap de la Chévre e Pointe de Dinan)

… a concentration of cliffs, flowers, hidden bays bathed by the turquoise sea and wonderful coastal views! In particular, do not miss: Pointe de Pen Hir, Cap de la Chévre, Pointe de Dinan and the sunset at the nearby Pointe du Raz Practical info: -Free Parkings at the Point de Pen Hir in front of the memorial monuments. From the parkings also the coastal paths start. Take at least half day to visit Pointe de Pen Hir without rush and enjoy the beautiful views on the coast along the several easy and short coastal paths -Free Parkings at Cap de la Chévre and Pointe de Dinan -in Cap de la Chévre take the easy coastal walking of 1h part of the longer trail GR 34 from Morgat (13km one way) -in Pointe Dinan take the easy coastal walking of 1h with amazing views on this wild coast and the Point de Pen Hir

Pointe du Raz

Another wonderful spot to see the sunset in Brittany or on cloudy days to see the power of the sea that crashes on the cliffs with gigantic waves! Practical info: -Toll Parking at the Point du Raz (6,5 euro during the day and 15euro for the night) -if you want to try some delicious typical “Moules Frites” (mussels with fries) and the traditional Gateau Breton, we suggest you the restaurant “Le Grand Bleu “ in front of the visitors Center at the Point du Raz. Keep in mind that sunset is after 9pm in summer and to reach the Point du Raz you need to walk 10/15 min from the parking: so we suggest you an early dinner at 7pm!


Vannes is an enchanting fortified coastal town surrounded by bastions and spectacular ornamental gardens ... get lost in the picturesque tiny alleys of the old town with the typical colorful half-timbered houses and the lively port! Practical info: Parking in Vannes : Free Parking in 20, avenue Marechal Juin Marechal de France (5min walking from the Center) Rochefort-en-Terre

..a medieval village with lovely houses and flowers everywhere …. A postcard on every corner!

For a sweet break, taste a crêpe in one of the numerous creperie!

Practical info:

Parking in 3 Rue Souvenir: perfect to visit this beautiful village and eventual spend the night (5 euros)


Other stops in France

Here below our complete 24-days itinerary made in 2021 ... let yourself be inspired to for others stops if you have more time!

Additionally or alternatively you can also evaluate a stop in Paris and Versailles or in the Gorges du Verdon or in the Camargue:

Of course also Provence (Antibes and especially the coastal promenade in Cap d'Antibes), Aix-en Provence, Arles, Nimes, Orange ...) or the French Riviera (Nice, Cannes, Principality of Monaco, Menton) as well as the Parque des Calanques in Cassis are very beautifu beautiful places in the South of France.!

here's our ontheroad of 2021!

Day 0: departure from Pietrasanta direction Moncenisio (400km)

Night in one of the P for campers overlooking the Lac du Mont Cenis

DAY 1 : Lac du Mont Cenis - 170km - Gorges du Fier - 10km – Annecy

Night in Camping de L’Aloua a Sevrier

DAY 2 : 500 km - Route de Champagne in the Champagne region: Cramant (giant bottle of Champagne and view on the Moët &Chandon vineyards)- Avenue de Champagne a Epernay - Moulin de Verzenay - sunset at the Phare de Verzenay overlooking the vineyards night in the P in front of Phare de Verzenay

DAY 3 - 170km Chateau de Fontainebleau – 110km Chateau de Chantilly -80km direction Amiens

Night in Parking in front of the church in Nampty

DAY 4 : 20km –Amiens (cathedral and historical center) – 160km - Côte D’Alabaitre in Normandy (Fécamp/Cap Fegnet/Yport)

night in Camping Le Rivage in Yport.

DAY 5 : 15km – Étretat Cliff and coastal paths night in Aire de Service de Étretat

DAY 6 : 50km - Honfleur– 100km – D-Day Beaches and memorials part 1 ( Arromanches and Longues sur Mer, Omaha Beach) night in the Aire de Service de Concarneau near Grandcamp- Maisy

DAY 7 : D-Day Beaches and main memorial sites part 2 (Pointe du Hoc and Coleville sir Mer) - 145km - Mont Saint Michel night in Camping du Mont Saint Michel

DAY 8: 55km – Cancale - Saint Malo night in Camping de la citè d’Alet DAY 9: 150 km - Ploumanach (Côte de Granites Rose -Sentier des Douaniers)- 75km Roscoff – 90km-sunset at the Phare de Kermorvan night in the Parking at the end of the Rue de Presqu’île de Kermorvan

DAY 10: 100km –Pointe de Pen Hir (coastal walking and memorial of the 2World War) – 80km – sunset at Pointe du Raz

Night in the Toll Parking at the Point du Raz DAY 11: 75km – Presqu'île de Crozon: Cap de la Chévre and Pointe de Dinan - 190km Quiberon

night in Camping Municipal de Goviro in Quiberon

DAY 12: 50km - Vannes– 40km – Rochefort-en-Terre - 150 km in direction Loira Castles

night in Aire de Service di Angers

DAY 13: 140km – Loire Valley: Chateau de Villandry - Chateau de Chenonceau night in Aire de Service de Montrichard DAY 14: Loire Valley : Chateau de Rigny-Ussé - 270km – île de Ré: Phare des Baleins

night in Aire de Services de Saint Clement des Baleines

DAY 15 -240km – Dune du Pilat - 140km direction Pirenee

night in P in the square of Cazeres sur l’Adour DAY 16: – 130km –Pic du Midi de Bigorre Observatory (cableway from La Mongie) – panoramic Route of Col de Tourmalet from La Mongie to Cauterets (approx 50km)

night in Aere de Services Cauterets

DAY 17: 7km - Pont d’Espagne: Lac de Gaube and Pont d’Espagne’s Falls (Pyrenees) - 50 km

night in P for camper near the Tourisme Office in the center of Gavarnie

DAY 18: trekking al Cirque de Gavarnie (Pyrenees) - 200km direction Carcassonne

night in Auterive in the free Parking for camper in Rue des Docteurs Basset

DAY 19: 90 km – Carcassonne – 300km Gorges de l’Ardeche

night in Aire de Service in Montclus

DAY 20 – 25 km – drive and stop on the several viewpoints on the Route Touristique des Gorges de l’Ardeche – 300km Cassis

night in Camping Les Cigales

DAY 21 - Cassis center and easy walking of 1h at sunset on the Calanque du Petit Prince

night in Camping Les Cigales

DAY 22: Parques des Calanques: trekking at the Calanque of Port Pin and Calanque d’En Veau

night in Camping Les Cigales

DAY 23 – driving back home 600 km through Monginevro

For more info on these places take a look also at the other articles dedicated to France here on the blog and the posts in 2018 and 2021 on our IG page @2intour

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