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Summer break ideas: 3 days in Capri Island

Looking for quick tips to plan your next trip Ischia and Procida Islands? Check out our Itinerary and some practical info that can be useful to inspire you in organize your travel!

Aerial view from Forte San Filippo, Feniglia coast in background

Our itinerary in a nutshell:

Day 1: Getting there - Piazzetta and walk around the Center of Capri - Scenic Promenade from Via Tragara to Arco Naturale Day 2: Boat tour of the island and Grotta Azzurra(Blue Grotto) - Swimming in Marina Piccola– Augusto’s Gardens

Day 3: Anacapri - Chair lift to Monte Solaro - Villa S. Michele - Lighthouse of Punta Carena – Coming back home


Our itineray day by day

Day 1

Our romantic long weekend start taking the train from Florence to Naples at 7.37 ( Italo fast train that it takes 3hours). Arrived in Naples, we walk a couple of kilometers to the Port to take the boat for Capri (Caremar 12.40 with arrival in Capri at 14).

Arrived in Capri with 15 minutes of uphill walk from Marina Grande we arrive to L'Apaganto B&B, our base for the next 3 days in Capri. L’Apaganto is a nice little B&B with a lovely terrace for breakfast overlooking the sea and in a good position to explore Capri.

After the check-in, we start the visit of Capri from the famous Piazzetta (10minutes walking from our hotel) and getting lost in the colorfull tiny streets everywhere, colorful houses, luxury boutiques: very elegant and pictoresque!

Just behind the Piazzetta we taste an excellent homemade ice-cream (Gelateria Buonocore)...perfect in the hot afternoon of Capri!

We continue to visit Capri heading to the scenic promenade of Via Tragara until the Arco Naturale and come back to Capri center, a lovely circular 2hours walking between awesome private residences, lush gardens at the beginning and then in the nature with many awesome views on the coastline, sea and the famous Faraglioni! Do not miss it!

A quick shower and then we come back in the center of Capri to admiring the sunset and have a delicious romantic dinner of fish to Il Grottino, an historical restaurant with traditional dishes just outside La Piazzetta! After dinner to end our first day in Capri, a last romantic walking in the pictoresque alleys of the center..

Day 2

We get up early (as usual in our travels !) and after a wonderful breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea, we start our second day in Capri!

We walk to Marina Grande (10-15minutes downhill) and at 9.30 we take the boat for the Island roundtrip and GrottaAzzura (Blue Grotto): to avoid queue and the risk to find it full, it is advisable to book it in advance online with Laser Capri I Motoscafisti euro per person+14 euro the little rowing boat and the entrace to the Grotta Azzurra to be paid in loco). With the boat tour of 9.30 we wait 1hour to enter in the Grotta Azzurra: thus we suggest you to take the first boat tour of the day as we did, otherwise the queue to enter in the Grotta Azzurra is even longer and sometime the boat is not able to stop there for the visit! However the color of the reflection of the sea on the cave is of an impressive blue and thus it surely deserves the queue to enter! Also the view on the coastline, on the Lighthouse of Punta Carena, and on the Faraglioni during the roundtrip of the island is amazing and we like it very much! At noon we come back in Marina Grande!

Before starting the second part of our day, we take the 10minutes funicular from Marina Grande to Capri center and have (again!) a deliciuos big ice cream to Buonocore for lunch!

Refreshed and satiated with a 20minutes downhill walk we reach Marina Piccola to have some relax, sunbathing and swimming in the crystal clear water of Marina Piccola (being Sunday we need to book early in the morning 2 sunbeds and we choose Bagni La Gioia.. but it was a little bit too crowded and very hot so maybe not an excellent choice). At 16.30 we take the bus from Marina Piccola to Capri and we visited the awesome Augusto’s paecefull! From there you can enjoy also a wonderful view on the famous scenic Via Krupp and on the Faraglioni and Marina Piccola from the above! We start to be a little bit tired and sunburned, so we decided to have some relax and a regenerating shower in our B&B before dinner!

Quick happy hour on our terrace overlooking the sea and then we taste a delicious pizza to Virginiello a restaurant just outside the center with a beatifulpaniramic view on the sea...

Day 3

Again we get up early to spend every useful minute of our last day in Capri.

We rent a scooter in Marina Grande (Oasi Motor or 081 8377138- 45euro for 6hours (with full fuel) and they take our luggages for free) and we reach Anacapri in 15minutes (parking in front of the bus station near the cemetery at 0.60 per hour).

We quickly visited the nice center of Anacapri and from there we take the chair lift to Monte Solaro (13minutes- almost 600 metters- 12 euro with return) for a breathtaking 360 overview of Capri!! A very really great and fun experience! Do not miss it!!

Before leaving Anacapri we visited the awesome Villa S.Michele -Axel Munthe (8euro per person) with its lush and colorful gardens and the famous sfinx overloking a stunning view on Marina Grande: amazing!

“ My house must be open to the sun and wind and to the voices of the sea - like a Greek temple - and light, light, light everywhere!" (Axel Munthe)

It was noon and we had a delicious homemade ice cream in the center of Anacapri and then with the scooter head to the Lighthouse of Punta Carena for a shot to the Lighthouse (the second biggest in Europe) and a last regenerating swim in the crystal clear sea of Capri...

In 30 minutes we come back to Marina Grande with our scooter and before say hello to Capri we have a quick walking in the typical little shops and stands of the harbour to buy some souvenirs!

At 15.35 we start to come back home taking the fast boat to Naples (Caremar) and then the fast Italo train from Naples to Florence at 18.25that it takes 3hours.

We left a little piece of heart in was a perfect romantic weekend!



Best period to visit Capri: Capri is fascinating during all season, but especially on July and August is very crowded and very expensive thus, the best period to visit it in summer is June and September. We have been there at the end of June!

How to reach Capri

We have chosen the combo train + boat and namely:

1) To way there: train from Florence to Naples (Italo fast train at 7.37 that it takes 3hours) + boat (Caremar at 12.40 with arrival in Capri at 14)

2) Return: boat to Naples (Caremarat 15.35 with arrival in Naples at 16.25) + train from Naples to Florence (Italo fast train at 18.25 that it takes 3hours) Italo

Especially during the weekend is advisable to book quite in advance!


We stayed in L'Apaganto, a nice little B&B with a lovely terrace for breakfast overlooking the sea and in a good position to explore Capri, at walking distance from the Center of Capri (the famous Piazzetta is just 10minutes by walk) and Marina Grande (the majority of the boats tours as well asall the departures/arrivals from/to Capri are here) is 15 minutes walking. In general, hotels and B&B are very expensive in Capri and L'Apaganto is a good solution! The number of Hotels and B&B are limited in Capri thus it is advisable to book one of them several months in advance ( we reserved L’Apagantoon 4-5 months before our arrival in Capri!)

What to bring in Capri

Capri is hilly and to visit it, you need to walk up and down very much, as the cars are not allowed, taxi are very expensive, scooters are not allowed in many places and the bus is quite bring with you comfortable shoes for the day (open outdoor sandals or sneakers) and for the evening flat sandals!

As luggages better a rucksack or a soft bag and not a trolley, as easier to be transported up and down by walking from/to Marina Grande to your hotel.

It is very hot in summer, so bring with you light dresses for the day and a cap and some nice dresses for the evening as this island is quite elegant in the evening!

Where to eat in Capri

As restaurants in Capri we suggest you: Il Grottino just outside La Piazzetta, an historical restaurant with traditional dishes (we had here a delicious fish dinner!) and Virginiello(just outside the center of Capri) with a panoramic terrace on the sea: very good the pizza but also the others dishes (fish and meat) had a delicious aspect!

Both restaurants are a good choice: good quality and honest prices !

Especially in the weekend is advisable to book a table at least 1 day in advance!

For an excellent ice cream: Buonocore, just outside the Piazzetta!


Nearby Capri, it surely deserves a visit also the islands of Procida and Ischia and in this area do not miss Naples, Vesuvius National Park (Volcano), Pompei and Ercolano, the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Salerno, Pestum, the Royal Palace of Caserta, Palinuro and many others places... Campania is a region full of beauties! Check our gallery on IG @2intour as well as the dedicated articles on our blog to to find lots of info and contents on all these places!

To discover more about Capri have a look to our posts and stories dated June 2019 on our Instagram page @2intour

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