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Southern Norway: 2 weeks camper itinerary on Summer

Looking for quick tips to plan your next trip in Southern Norway? Check out our itinerary in camper and some practical info that can be useful to inspire you in organize your travel!

In Southern Norway, a stunning nature awaits you among fjords, glaciers, Nordic beaches; trekking with breathtaking views, but also Nordic towns with colorfully houses that seem a postcard .. Norway is truly a wonderful country that will leave you enchanted by the beauty of its landscapes that have few equals in the world.. For us, that we are in love with the North , one of the very few countries where we tend to come back!

Preikestolen - Southern Norway: Pulpit Rock panoramic view at the end of the trekking pathway
Preikestolen - Southern Norway

Our camper itinerary in Norway:

Day 1: Hirtshals-Kristiansand (ferry Fjordline 11.45 -14) - Kristiansand - 80km (road 460) - Lindesnes Lighthouse

Night in the Parking for camper at the Lindenes Lighthouse

Day 2: 65km - panoramic road (fv44) from Flekkefjord to Egersund 65km (stop at the Helleren / Tunnelsuo viewpoint and at the wooden village of Sogndalstrand) - 110km - Trekking to Preikestolen (500m altitude difference -4h A / R)

Night in one of the Parking for campers in Jorpeland

Day 3: Hollesli Viewpoint to see Lysefjord - 300km (road 13 (including Hjrlmeland-Nesvik ferry) via Odda) - Eidfjord and Voringfossen Waterfall

Night in Eidfjord in Myklatun Camping directly on the fjord

If the weather is good, you can add here 1 day to do the Trekking to Trolltunga (20km / quite challenging ) making base in Odda

Day 4: scenic route n.7 along the Hardangerfjord from Eidfjord to Norheimsund and to Steinsdalfossen waterfall - Bergen (tot 150km)

Night in Bergen in Midttun Motell & Camping (Caravan Parking Bergenshallen which is closer to the center was full: however both campsites are connected to the center by tram)

Day 5: visit of Bergen - 170km - Flam

Night in Flam at Flam Camping overlooking the fjord

Day 6: stop and drive on the wonderful Aurlandsfjellet scenic route (50km) from Aurland (Stegastein Lookout and many others scenic stops) - 30km - Borgund Stavkirke -105km including Fodnes / Mannheller ferry - Jostedal (Jostedalsbreen Glacier National Park/Nigardsbreen Nature Reserve)

Night in Jostedal in Jostedal Camping

Day 7: Jostedalsbreen Glacier National Park: guided tour with Ice Troll (motor boat between icebergs in Styggevatnet lake and glacier hike on the Fäbergstølsbreen ) ; trekking (easy/6km) in Bergset for a panoramic view on one of the front of the Glacier (Bergsetbreen)

Night in Jostedal in Jostedal Camping

Day 8: drive on the awesome Sognefjellet panoramic road (rv55) from Gaupne to Lom stopping at the various viewpoints - Lom Stavechurch - panoramic road FV63 to Geiranger -viewpoints on the Geirangerfjord: Dalsnibba platform and Flydalsjuvet lookout (240km)

Night in Geiranger at Geiranger Camping

Day 9: Geirangerfjord viewpoints: Flydalsjuvet lookout and Ørnesvingen Lookout -130km (ferry: Eisdal -Linge) - Island of Godøy in front of Ålesund (connected with tunnels): Alnes Fyr and village - Høgstein Fyr - sunset on the beach in front of the Alnes lighthouse - Northern Light from Alnes

Night in Alnes (Island of Godøy) in free Parking in front of the sea at the beginning of the village of Alnes

Day 10: 20km - Ålesund (Aksla Hill (418steps) for a panoramic view from the above and village ) - 550km - Oslo

Night in Oslo in the Sjølyst Marina Bobilparkering equipped for camper (the nearest to the city center)

Day 11: Oslo by bike

Night in Oslo in the Sjølyst Marina Bobilparkering equipped for camper (the nearest to the city center)

Day 12: 130km - ferry Larvik – Hirtshals

Obviously, you must add to this itinerary (both at the beginning and at the end) the days driving necessary to arrive/come back home to/from Hirtshals in Denmark (for instance Italy is approx 2000km from Hirtshals).

As an alternative, if you have more time (and as we did) at the end of the travel, you can pass from Sweden to come back home (for us in Italy): let you be inspired from our article about our itinerary in camper in Stockholm and Southern Sweden.

Last but not least, for a “travel into the travel”? You can add 3-4 days in Nordkapp (Mageroya Island) from Oslo, as we did: for more info, have a look to the dedicated article “ALTA AND NORDKAPP: 4 days itinerary in summer”


Place by place


The so-called capital of the coast!

Modern, well-kept, with a very high quality of life: parks, free outdoor gyms, city beaches, cycle paths, flowers everywhere…

Don't miss Ødderoya: with the fish market and the colorful wooden houses… certainly the most characteristic part!

Practical info

· Kristiansand: paid Parking for cars and campers in 25, Tongen Street (very close to the center and Ødderoya)


The oldest lighthouse in Norway in the southernmost point of Norway!

To see it in the best light, we suggest you to get there in the late afternoon to watch the sunset and then the Blue Hour…. You will not regret it!

Practical info

- night in the paid Parking for camper in front of Lindenes Lighthouse (without services)


Driving on the panoramic coastal road Fv44 (mark it!) between fjords, cliffs overlooking the sea, waterfalls, villages with wooden houses, lighthouses…. A condensation of southern Norway in these 65km that offer wonderful views at every bend….

Main STOPs: Jossingfjord, Helleren, Tunnelsuo, Sogndalstrand, Eigeroy fyr


One of the most iconic treks in southern Norway ... the view of the Lysefjord from Pulpit Rock is truly breathtaking and worth all the effort to reach it.

Practical info

· Trekking to the Prekeistolen : 4 hours round trip (8km kilometers - 500 meters of high difference)

· The trail starts from the Preikestolen Fjellstue Refuge, reachable by car / camper (consider 1h from Stavanger or 15min from Jorpeland). Or there is a bus service from Stavanger, for costs, timetable, pick up points see


One of the most scenic fjords in southern Norway… the best ways to see it from all angles?

1) take one of the scenic treks on the fjord: the most scenic are certainly the one to the Prekeinstolen / Pulpit Rock and the one to the Kjeragbolten (the famous round giant stone wedged between two rock walls overlooking the fjord)

Both trails are quite challenging and long, but if you are lucky with the weather the view is truly incredible from there!

2) Take a mini cruise (for example, 3-hour boat trips depart from Stavanger: for info for example see )

3) enjoy the view from Hollesli viewpoint


If you are a roadtrip lover, Norway will surely conquer you with its countless scenic roads on the fjords, little villages, waterfalls everywhere….

Namely, in the Hardangerfjord and Eidfjord area, we suggest you the following scenic roads and waterfalls as well as the little village of Norheimsund

- Rv13/Rv7 from Odda to Eidfjord and then to Norheimsund

- RV550 from Jondal to Utne

- Steindalfossen waterfall: you can walk behind the waterfall!

- Vøringfossen waterfall: a majestic waterfall with a jump of 145m in canyon! You will find many viewpoints: the spectacle is guaranteed!

If the weather is good, you can add 2 days here (making base in Odda) to do the Trekking to Trolltunga (20km / quite challenging but with breathtaking views ) and a hike on the Folgefonna Glacier.

We have no much lucky here because due to the rain, we have missed the trekking to Trolltunga and the Hike on the Folgefonna Glacier … but from an adversity an opportunity… these days in advance on our itinerary we will allow us an unexpected deviation.. a “travel into the travel” to arrive to Nordkapp! For more info, have a look to our dedicated article to Nordkapp and Mageroya Island

Practical info

· our base: Myklatun Camping directly on the Eidfjord

· Here some info, that can be useful if you decide to make the trekking to Trolltunga

- The trek is 20km round trip with an altitude difference of 320m and it takes 7-10 hours starting from P3 – Mågelitopp; otherwise it becomes 28km from P2 -Skjeggedal with an altitude difference of 800m and it takes 8-12 hours

- For the P3 parking slots and places on the bus are limited, so you have to book in advance

- departure is advisable very early in the morning (no later than 7 or 8am) as the walk is long

- In summer you can do the trail on your own, whereas starting from mid- September is recommended to rely on a guide


Top Things in Bergen :

1) wandering in the suggestive old village and port with the traditional wooden colorful houses (Bryggen)

2)have a delicious lunch at the Torget’s Fish Market

3) taking the cableway to Mount Floyen (Floibanen) for an amazing view from the above on Bergen

Practical info

-Our base in Bergen: Midttun Motell & Camping (Caravan Parking Bergenshallen which is closer to the center was full: however both campsites are easily connected to the center by tram)

-to buy the tickets for the tram in Bergen, the easier way is to download the app Skyss billet


A lovely fjord and also the Flambana arrival…the famous panoramic train in fjords heart, it is considered one of the most spectacular train journey in the world !

Practical info

-Our base in Flåm: Flåm Camping overlooking the fjord


A wooden platform 600m above the fjord… if you don't suffer from vertigo, don't miss this magnificent viewpoint!

To arrive to the Stegastein Viewpoint, drive at least the first 8km from Aurland of the Aurlandsfjellet!


One of the most spectacular Norwegian scenic road.... immersed in a breathtaking mountain landscape characterized by glacial lakes, fields of artic cotton, waterfalls … Absolutely unmissable!

Consider extended times to drive here because you will stop continuously to admire the wonderful views around you!


What is it? It almost looks more like a haunted house but the Stave Church is actually a medieval church entirely made of wood typical of Norway ... this is the best preserved of the 28 Stave Churches in Norway

Practical info

-Borgund Stavkirke: entrance ticket 100nok per person; opening hours 9.30am-5.30pm


A memorable day…. by motorboat among the icebergs and a guided mini-trekking on the glacier! An incredible experience that we recommend everyone to do sooner or later at least once in their life!

It’s time to act -even with small gestures - to counteract the climate change and preserve these natural beauties that otherwise risk disappearing… #noplanetb

Another lovely experience in this area? An easy trekking (6km roundtrip) in Bergset (the path starts a couple of kms from the Jostedal Camping) for a panoramic view on one of the front of the Glacier (Bergsetbreen).

Practical info:

- for info and prices and to book the experience on the Glacier, we opt for Ice Troll ( :nobody sponsors us, but we spent a great day with them and therefore, we recommend them!

- Our base in Jostedal: Jostedal Camping (perfect also to see a great starry sky and the milkway in the clear nights)


Sognefjellet (Rv55 from Gaupne to Lom) is another unmissable Norwegian scenic road.... immersed in a spectacular landscape, it offers wonderful views on the Lustrafjorden, on the Jotunheimen National Park with its glaciers, as well as on valleys and glacial lakes.

This is the highest road in Northern Europe (at the highest point we are approx. at 1400m) and for this reason it is also called the road on the roof of Norway!

Main viewpoints::

-Gaupne for a the views on the Lustrafjorden

-Turtagro for a spectacular view on the mountains of the Jotunheimen National Park

-Sognefjellshitta, the highest point of the road that offers a wonderful view on the glaciers

-Lom, famous for the oldest Stavkirke in the world

Consider extended times to drive here because you will stop continuously to admire the wonderful views around you!


The most famous, majestic and perhaps the most beautiful fjord ... a natural wonder even declared a Unesco World Heritage Site!

To see it from different perspectives:

1) Dalsnibba lookout, for one of the most spectacular view on the valley and the fjord from above ....

2) Flydalsjuvet viewpoint, for a postcard view on the fjord

3) a boat tour in the fjord (taking a touristic tour or the ferry ride on the Geiranger-Hellesylt line)

Practical info

-the best light is in the late morning until earlier afternoon otherwise the fjord is in shadow

-the boat tour in the fjord is quite touristic, costly and very crowded so at the end we have skipped it. If you decide to do it, at least you know what to expect!


Godøy is a very small island in front of Ålesund which gave us a very memorable afternoon and evening. We were lucky to see this place in its maximum splendor on a clear sunny day.

We are about 20min by car from Ålesund to which the island is connected by various underwater tunnels and bridges, but once you arrive here you can immediately breathe the peace of a place where life flows slowly immersed in nature, among lighthouses, small fishing villages, white beaches…

Not to be missed: Høgstein Fyr, the fishing village with the colorful houses of Alnes and the Alnes lighthouse … in front of the lighthouse there is a lovely white Nordic beach perfect for admiring the sunset.

Last but not least, on clear nights, the Godøy Island is also a great place to see the northern lights… I would say that we don't have to say anything else to convince you to visit it!

If you have time, add a day in this area and also go to Runde Island, famous for seeing puffins in the period from June to mid-August!


A stop decided last minute without even too many expectations and instead we found a lively little seaside town, with colorful houses that create perfect reflections in the water of the port.

For an awesome view of the city and its islands, don't miss to climb the more than 400 steps from the city center to the Aksla Hill!

Practical info:

- To visit Ålesund, we suggest you the Parking for cars and campers in the city center of Ålesund ( Hjelsetgården Bobilparkering in 29 Sorenskriver Bulls gate 6002 Ålesund - with services for camper and also for the night)

- Not very far from Ålesund, if you have time, you can make a deviation to the famous Trollstigen ( known also as The Troll's Pass), a famous Norwegian scenic road famous for its several steep hairpin bends that create a sort of snake immersed in spectacular scenery of deep fjords and lush valleys!


Here is a list of the Top things to see in Oslo in 24h :

-Gamle Oslo, the vibrant harbor overlooked by the iconic Rådhaus and Nobels Fredssenter

-Najionalmuseet, to see the very famous Scream by Munch

-AkershusFestning and Slot, a medieval fortress from which to admire a wonderful view of the harbor and the city

-Den Norske Opera & Ballet, a beautiful glass and steel building in perfect Nordic style

-the bright Deichman Bibliotek, where you can get lost among millions of books

-Det KongeligeSlott, the Norwegian royal family's residence surrounded by a park

-Vigelandsparken, a park with 212 granite and bronze sculptures created by the Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland

Practical info:

- If you plan to use public transports and see many museums you can evaluate the Oslo Pass that include free access to transports and several attractions . For costs and info see

- The best way to visit Oslo: by bike as we have done !

- Our base in Oslo: Sjolyst Bobilparkering equipped for camper (essential, but the nearest to the city center: approx 3km)


Other Practical info


In Norway, there are no classic toll booths to pay for the motorway, nor the possibility of buying a vignette. The same often happens for ferries: there is no ticket office.

Therefore, to avoid fines and indeed have discounts on tolls and ferries, the easiest way if you plan to do an ontheroad in Norway and also take motorways and ferries, is to request a Norwegian telepass before departure. The procedure is all online, fast and very simple: within 2-3 weeks the telepass will be delivered to your home.

There are various companies that manage them. We chose the Skyttelpass (at a cost of around 20 euros).

For more information, costs, we leave you the link


To discover more about all our travels in Norway read all our articles on the blog dedicated to Norway and have a look to our posts and stories dedicated to Norway on our Instagram page @2intour dated April 2018 (Lofoten in winter); November – December 2021 (Senja and Tromso in winter); September-November 2022 (Southern Norway -Alta – Nordkapp in summer )

Did you enjoy our article? Read the other articles and for more photos and videos follow our IG page @2intour

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